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    Major media outlets have published articles about Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos and his professional accomplishments as a soccer coach for Real Madrid Foundation and for Las Tablas Valderde. Julio Cesar Goncalves has been commended for his great coaching efforts by major media outlets that have national and international circulation, most with readership in the millions. The articles relating to Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos applaud him along with internationally known soccer player Alvaro Arbeloa who played for Real Madrid. Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos and Alvaro Arbeloa coached disabled children in Real Madrid’s Santiago Bemabeu stadium.


    Magacin, Puerto Rico’s most circulated, exclusive magazine with a circulation of over 235,000 and a readership of 930,000 published an article on July 16, 2013 about the soiree event held to honor four (4) Real Madrid Coaches, among them Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos. The article reports on Julio Cesar Goncalves and the other coaches generosity for giving the establishment a shirt autographed by each of them. In addition, Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos is referred to as the «colophon» of the soiree and was quoted explaining the purpose of their visit to Puerto Rico, which was to mold youths into upstanding citizens by way of soccer.

    PRISA, one of the world’s leading creators and distributors of cultural, educational, information and entertainment news for Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets published a video of Julio Cesar Goncalves coaching alongside Alvaro Arbeloa of Real Madrid on Over 36,000,000 viewers view PRISA’s two hundred and 250 webpages. PRISA’ s various networks are present in twenty-two countries, reaching more than 52,000,000 online users. Its presence in Brazil and Portugal, and in the U.S. Hispanic market, has given it a Latin American dimension and has opened a global market of over 700,000,000 people.

    Spain’s number one (1) sports newspaper, Marca, featured Julio Cesar Goncalves on its front page. Marca has 2,344,000 readers, 338,000 more readers than other sports newspapers combined. Marca is a part of Unidad Editorial, one of the leading multimedia communication groups in Spain with a readership of over 35,000,000 people.

    Hoy, a Spanish new source that makes up part of Vocento, another leading multimedia group in Spain published an article about Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos on April 16, 2013 [Please see TAB 81]. Vocento is nationally, regionally, and locally positioned throughout Spain which means that it can access areas that its competitors cannot reach, reaching almost 35 million people.

    El Economista (The Economist), a Spanish economics newspaper published an article on April 16, 2013 acknowledging the success of the Real Madrid’s program for children with disabilities in which Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos was chosen to coach alongside Real Madrid’s worldfamous, Alvaro Arbeloa. Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos was recognized in the article for his participation, work, and accomplishment as coach for the program.

    La Información (The Information), a Spanish magazine that forms part of Dixi Media Digital S.A. owner of nine (9) different magazines and websites published an article that focuses on the success of the start-up program for children with disabilities in which Julio Cesar Goncalves coached on April 16, 2013.

    On June 10, 2017, Noticias LT Producciones published an article about Julio Goncalves receiving the Award Mara de Oro, granted to him for “Professional Football (SOCCER) Coach of the Year” for his outstanding career of more than fifteen (15) years in 1st and 2nd division clubs helping them with national and international tournaments with his theoretical-practical training sports discipline.


    Mara de Oro

    On June 14, 2017, El Sol published a newspaper article regarding Julio Cesar Goncalves Campos receiving the Award Mara de Oro, granted to him for the book “How to Create a Soccer Team”, in recognition of his most recent work, based in how to structure a soccer school, and the different techniques about social-cognitive, and motor skills for the technical formation, and the physical capabilities of children in the practice of soccer at an international level.




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